Game Development Resources:

Here's a list of some programs that might be of interest to your students. Some of them might be a bit advanced, but if you have any tinkerers in the class, they might enjoy the challenge! -- Bryan Paul Johnson

* (Similar to Gamestar Mechanic, but for Flash [and eventually HTML5])
* (Similar to Gamestar Mechanic, but focused on Japanese style RPGs.)
* (Simple and free 3D modeling. It's more widely used in engineering and drafting circles, but valuable for learning how 3D workds)
* (The biggest name in 3D animation. They offer a free trial.)
* (The most common 3D software used by games. Again a free trial. Curiously, it's the same company that owns Maya. They must have recently merged, as that wasn't the case a few years ago!)
* (This is a 3D engine--it's more advanced than Gamestar Mechanic, but similar in what it does)

Other interesting places to explore:

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